IQ test for children: Draw a Man test

You just know your child is the smartest of them all, but never had a way of proving it? Now there is a way, the “IQ test for children – Draw a Man test”.

Back in 1926, Florence Goodenough introduced the Draw a Man test, detailed in her book “Measurement of Intelligence by Drawings”. Based on Goodenough’s work our programming group developed the “IQ test for children – Draw a Man test”.

The child is asked to draw a person, taking all the time (s)he needs. Most of the children don’t take more than 10-15 minutes to complete their drawing. The child should be encouraged to start drawing and to remain focused, without any pressure or other kind of guidance.

When the painting is complete start the evaluation answering a set of standard questions regarding shape, proportions and other details to describe the picture. Just press on the appropriate text boxes to make your selections and press again to deselect. Use the “Back” and “Next” clouds to go back and forth.

Keep in mind that above anything else the results have to do with your child’s ability to focus and the drawing experience gained so far. Don’t be disappointed, try again another day when (s)he is more focused and it’s very possible that the results will amaze you.

The “IQ test for children – Draw a Man test” is appropriate for the evaluation of children aged 3 to 13 years.