The Professional Bartender’s Suite


The Professional Bartender’s Suite;

Are you a professional bartender or would you like to be one?
Looking for assistance for what kind of mixed drink or cocktail to get at a bar or serve at a party?
Want to impress your friends with your cocktail making mixologist skills?

We have the solution. We offer you the most updated & complete tool, “The Proffesional Bartender’s Suite”


  • 9,240+ Drink Recipes (updated to 2016!)
  • Cocktails divided into 17 categories!
  • “Step-by-step” detailed tutorial to make every drink/cocktail
  • Browse Drink Recipes by category/letter
  • Indexed list for Drink Recipes by components by smart search engine.
  • A fantastic tool that searches for cocktails based on the ingredients you have at home (Exclusive)
  • Special indexed list by using the the perfect serving kind of glass for every drink.
  • Indexed list by Alcoholic or Non Alcoholic drinks
  • The Ranked “Top 100” cocktails
  • Facebook, Twitter intergration
  • Random choice of a drink
  • Add favorite drink recipes to your favorites list
  • History mode to revisit your last seen recipes
  • Consistent updates from social Community of Mixologists
  • High resolution gfx & animations
  • iPhone/iPad/iPad Mini support
  • Optimized iOS8 & iOS 9 support